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Lagoon Eco-Park, Lang Co

The Investment Opportunity

The Indochina Rail Company (IRC) directors have negotiated the right to an extendable 50-year lease, over a prime site of 50,000 m 2 of land directly on the banks of the famous and much-photographed Lap An Lagoon, in Lang Co.

The Lagoon Eco-park is to be an activity centre with attached accommodation to service the ever-increasing daily flow of tourists travelling between Da Nang and Hue and/or discovering Lang Co as a stand-alone holiday destination, plus the thousands of new tourists to be brought to Lang Co on the Revolution Express train.

The centre will work together with Revolution Express to offer its clients a wide range of day activities to become the base for additional water and land-based tours.

3-star tented and ethnic but stylish bungalow accommodation will be on offer for overnight stays.

The site sits less than 1km from the soon to be completed Revolution Express Lang Co railway station.

Lang Co Lagoon
Lang Co Aerial

The Perfect Location for Asian Tourists

Tourism to central Vietnam has seen annual growth of around 25% over the last decade, and looks set to continue growing apace. Lang Co is still an unspoilt paradise which is now also growing rapidly as a new tourism destination with several major hotel chains already built or building in the valley.

With the new north-south highway passing directly through Lang Co is perfectly located midway between the main tourist centres of Da Nang and Hoi An just to its south and Hue and Chan may Bay to its north.

Apart from the surrounding natural beauty, IRC has chosen the lagoon site because the calmer waters of the lagoon boast clarity and low salinity and unlike the open ocean in the area, there are no large waves or potentially dangerous currents. This will find great favour with both the 77% of all international tourists in the region who are Asian, as well as with the even faster-growing domestic Vietnamese market which will become the parks main target market.

More and more domestic Vietnamese holiday-makers, growing more wealthy each year, are now looking for new places of scenic beauty and a family-friendly place to relax which can offer a wide range of safe activities for children, families and also for those visitors who want more natural adventures for a few days.

The calm waters on the lagoon are not tidal, and therefore allow the building of restaurants, bungalows and activity centres directly overlooking the picturesque lake and white sand beach on its shore.

Also, there are already many new normal beachside resorts and hotels in central Vietnam of all classes, but so far there is nothing like the lagoon eco-adventure park.

Vietnamese on holiday
Lang Co Beach
The site of Lagoon Eco-Park

The Site

South China Properties (HK) Ltd (SPC), is an IRC owned Hong Kong company, and is the intended vehicle for the development. SCP has reserved the rights over this prime parcel of 50,000m 2 of lagoon waterfront land. The land lease can be enlarged to up to 10,000m 2 if required.

Upon financial commitments by investors, SCP will prepare a project design concept and business plan for presentation and submission to Hue Provincial Government.

The site is quiet and with maximum lagoon and river frontage but also with transport access.

The land is flat, with a sandy base with bedrock close to the surface. It sits approximately 0.5 to 2 metres above the waterline. The lagoon is fed predominantly from surrounding mountain rivers of substantial width so is not prone to tidal influence even though there is direct sea access through a narrow channel 2km from the site.

Natural strips of white sand line the shore and the waters are calm and reflect the breathtaking mountain backdrop. More white beach sand can be added to extend the existing beaches by the lagoon.

Boat at sunset

Currently, the land is unoccupied. The Hue Provincial government owns the land and SCP has agreed to lease the site after the government has conducted full land right clearance at their cost, should any be required. The government fully supports this project to increase local tourism activities in their province to complement the ongoing development of resorts and new hotels.

The Location

The site sits approximately 1km from the entrance to the new Da Nang-Hue highway tunnel. This new 7km tunnel built through the mountain at a cost of over USD 2 billion now connects directly to Da Nang city and its airport both only some 20 minutes drive away.

The highway continues 50 minutes north to Hue city and airport. The site is also just 1km from the exit of the famous winding old French road over the High Van Mountain Pass from Da Nang. This scenic mountain drive is one of the regions most popular tourist attractions and was made internationally famous by Jeremy Clarkson of “Top Gear” fame who called it the most scenic stretch of coast road he had ever driven on.

The site is also only 2km from the picturesque fishing town of Lang Co Town itself with its famous seafood restaurants, its 10 km white sand beach and watersports facilities, where a growing number of five-star brand hotels are currently being constructed.

Vietnamese on holiday

The Lagoon Eco-Park

Initial plans will focus on an integrated outdoor activities centre offering rustic bungalows and tented accommodation, both fan and air-conditioned.

The concept design of the area will be based on a traditional Vietnamese village with working craft businesses. A landscaping program will ensure separation of the different areas and create the feeling of a local village atmosphere

One or two swimming pools will seek to replicate natural swimming holes with rock and plant installations and waterfalls feeding into the pool.

Loungers will be placed strategically around the pool and also on the lagoon beach frontage under the cover of leafy trees.


Numerous activities will be on offer at reasonable prices, including:

  • Boat tours: lagoon and rivers by speed boat or slower vessels
  • An inflatable waterpark on the calm lagoon
  • An iconic floating bar
  • Pearl oyster farm visits
  • A petting zoo
  • Pony and buffalo rides
  • Spas and massage
  • F&B outlets including lakeside, poolside and riverside restaurants
  • Cultural shows
  • Artisan craft classes and stalls
  • Fishing in the lagoon and by the river
  • Kayaking
  • Standup paddle-boards
Floating barInflatable waterparkChild petting rabbitVietnamese massageVietnamese  artisanRiver rafting in Vietnam
Monkey in Bach Ma National ParkWaterfall in Bach MaCamping in a caveJungle trek in Bach Ma

The camp is a convenient base for local adventure tours and excursions into the Bach Ma mountains including:

  • Mountain biking
  • Rubber and bamboo rafting
  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Elephant sanctuary
  • Trail running
  • Caving
  • Canyoning

Target Markets

There are numerous feeder points for customers for day activities and longer stays.

Pick-ups from the nearby Revolution Express rail station and the other local resorts and hotels will include open-sided converted vehicles, open-topped jeeps and boats and buffaloe carts.

Buffalo drawn cart

Target markets for day-only activities include

  • Da Nang city residents. The resort will offer transportation to and from both Da Nang and Hue cities and their international airports.
  • Tour groups from Hoi An, Da Nang and Hue
  • Tourists and residents travelling between those cities
  • Residents of the ever growing number of hotels in Lang Co such as Laguna Lang Co resort
  • Cruise line customers from the nearby new international port just a few kilometers away in Chan May Bay
  • Day trippers aboard the Revolution Express train with its Lang Co station less than 1km from the site. The Revolution Express estimates daily patronage at 200 pax per day in year 1, climbing to 500+ pax a day within five years. The Revolution Express is seeking daily activities and rest and relaxation facilities for its customers between return journeys and will tailor its schedule to allow for 3 to 4 hours layover. Steam train ride and lagoon activity centre stays will make a great combination of family groups both foreign and local.

Target markets for overnight accommodation market include:

  • FITs choosing Lang Co as a stand-alone destination.
  • There are many cross Vietnam groups looking for alternative attractions and places to stay.
  • The ever-growing number of domestic Vietnamese tourists and the growing popularity of Hue/Hoi An holiday combinations linked by tour buses plying the route. Lang Co, which sits equidistant between Hue and Hoi An is the perfect location to break the journey.
  • Additional market focus will be towards nationwide schools with their growing multi-day camps and corporate team building which is very popular in Vietnamese society.

Lang Co: A Fast-Developing Tourist Destination

The central coast of Vietnam is a very fast developing area. Vietnamese tourists have always flocked to here to escape the winter chills in Hanoi and the sweltering heat of Saigon and the Mekong basin.

Lang Co sits right in the middle of the central Vietnam riviera but due to its protective mountains which caused a lack of transportation facilities in the past, it is only now opening up and is the latest new tourist destination in the region.

Today Lang Co still retains a peaceful village atmosphere traditionally focused on fishing and local handicrafts. Lang Co has escaped the rapid hotel and resort growth seen in Da Nang, Hue and Hoi An until recently, but this is set to change now with the new access of the highway tunnel and the new Revolution Express train station in Lang Co.

Asian toursists on beach
Laguna Lang Co
Laguna Lang Co

The growth in development is already underway. Laguna Lang Co (a sister company of Laguna Phuket) has developed a destination consisting of several resorts including Banyan tree, Angsana, private villas and more hotels and apartments, plus a Nick Faldo designed championship golf course.

Laguna Lang Co has also just received the first license to build an integrated casino and exhibition centre and recently announced a capital increase to USD2 billion to develop the project. Informed rumours are linking Hard Rock Group to this extension. The new casino is proposed to be the biggest in Vietnam and expects to welcome thousands of international visitors per year.

Also in Lang Co, just 20 minutes drive from the site, the new cruise ship port for central Vietnam is being developed. Over 100,000 visitors arrived there by ship in 2019.

All the beach-front land in Lang Co is already completely bought up by investors from Hanoi or overseas who are either building, as in the case of the new Movenpick Resort, or surveying to develop. We will target all these new resorts and hotels to offer additional activities not available within their facilities.

Passengers leaving cruise ship
Cruise ship passengers arriving at Chan May

Government Support

The local and provincial governments are fully behind the development of tourism facilities in the region. As such attractive government policies in the area include tax breaks and cheap land leases. As a low socio-economic area, the Lagoon Eco-park will be entitled to the first 4 years of profitable returns tax-free and a further 9 years at 50% of prevailing taxes which will equate to only 10% corporate tax. Further tax breaks are available in staffing with 50% salary tax reductions for the life of the project. Duty-free imports of equipment are also offered as part of their economic development plan.

SCP has negotiated an excellent low-cost entry opportunity into this new beautiful and red-hot central coast tourism market, offering a product unique in the booming region. Just acquiring the land lease alone at the low price negotiated is a gold mine for the future.

The Capital Raise

IRC is seeking partners to work with them to raise up to USD1.8M to develop and operate the Lagoon Eco-Park.

The capital raised will go first towards securing the extendable 50-year land lease, which will require a one-time payment of USD10 per square metre for the duration of the 50-year lease, this totals USD500,000. This is a very cheap price and well below comparable market pricing. This beneficial land deal is only available to the IRC directors due to the years of work they have put in to facilitate the development of the Revolution Express.

To save on capex upfront, there is alternatively the option to pay the lease annually in increasing, however, this leaves open the possibility of the annual lease prices rising during the course of the 50-year lease.

The remainder of the capital, approximately USD 1.3 million, will be invested in developing the Eco-park facilities.

The buildout of the park facilities is anticipated to take 12 months from the date of receiving firm commitments for the funding. Only part of which is to be paid upfront and the rest is to be called on as required by construction etc.

With a substantial project already well underway in Hue Province – Revolution Express – IRC has experience with all the required company and project licensing in Hue province and specifically Lang Co.

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